A few Hegelian concepts point that it endeavor, namely, determinate negation and you will abstract self-reflection

A few Hegelian concepts point that it endeavor, namely, determinate negation and you will abstract self-reflection

Their really complete report occurs in Bad Dialectics, which is discussed afterwards

Consequently, in the creating a “dialectic from enlightenment” this new experts on the other hand seek to create an effective dialectical enlightenment out-of enlightenment not in place of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. “Determinate negation” (bestimmte Negation) demonstrates that immanent grievance is the answer to wrest basic facts from ideology. Good dialectical enlightenment out of enlightenment “reveals for each photo just like the program. It will teach me to comprehend regarding [this new image’s] features the new admission off falseness and this cancels the stamina and you may give they off to information” (De 18). Past and compliment of like determinate negation, a beneficial dialectical enlightenment regarding enlightenment also remembers the origin and you can goal out of envision itself. Such as for instance recollection ‘s the functions of one’s layout once the mind-reflection off believe (der Begriff als Selbstbesinnung des Denkens, De thirty two). Abstract care about-meditation implies that envision comes from the very corporeal need and you will desires that get shed whenever consider will get just device of people mind-maintenance. Moreover it demonstrates that the goal of consider is not in order to continue the new blind domination out of character and individuals but to suggest towards the reconciliation. Adorno works out the facts on the conception within his after that lectures towards the Kant (KC), ethics (PMP), and you can metaphysics (MCP) plus their books to your Husserl (AE), Hegel (H), and Heidegger (JA).

step 3. Crucial Personal Idea

Dialectic from Enlightenment presupposes a serious societal principle with debt so you’re able to Karl Marx. Adorno reads Marx because a beneficial Hegelian materialist whose critique out-of capitalism unavoidably is sold with a criticism of ideologies you to capitalism sustains and you can needs. Initial of these is what Marx called “the latest fetishism away from commodities.” Marx aimed his critique from product fetishism up against bourgeois public scientists which simply establish the newest capitalist discount however,, in so doing, concurrently misdescribe they and you may recommend a false public attention. Considering Marx, bourgeois economists necessarily overlook the exploitation inherent in order to capitalist manufacturing. They neglect to understand that capitalist development, for everyone their body “freedom” and “fairness,” need pull excess worth throughout the labor of one’s working-class. Such as for instance ordinary providers and you may users lower than capitalist conditions, bourgeois economists clean out the newest item once the an effective fetish. It approach it since if they was indeed a basic target, having a longevity of its very own, you to definitely truly identifies most other commodities, inside the independence about peoples relationships that really sustain all the merchandise. Marx, in comparison, argues one to any sort of helps make a product or service a commodity extends back in order to human need, desires, and you may techniques. The newest commodity would not have “fool around with worthy of” in the event it don’t meet human wishes. It would not have “exchange value” if no body planned to exchange it having something else entirely. And its replace worth cannot feel computed when your commodity did not share with almost every other merchandise a good “value” produced by the latest expenditure off people labor fuel and counted by the common labor day socially needed seriously to create merchandise of several types.

Adorno’s societal idea tries to generate Marx’s central wisdom relevant so you can “late capitalism.” Regardless if from inside the contract with Marx’s study of item, Adorno believes his critique out of product fetishism cannot go far adequate. Significant alter enjoys took place the structure away from capitalism because Marx’s big date. This calls for changes on enough topics: the fresh dialectic ranging from pushes off creation and you will affairs of manufacturing; the relationship between county and you can benefit; the fresh new sociology from classes and you will category awareness; Women’s Choice applications de rencontre pour iphone the type and purpose of ideology; together with character out-of professional countries, such as for example modern ways and you can public principle, from inside the criticizing capitalism and you will requiring the newest sales away from people once the an entire.

The main clues to these posts are from a concept out-of reification advised by the Hungarian socialist Georg Lukacs on the 1920s and of interdisciplinary methods and you will arguments held by the members of the newest Institute of Public Search from the 1930s and you may 1940s. Building into the Max Weber’s idea from rationalization, Lukacs argues that capitalist discount is no longer you to definitely field out-of society near to anybody else. Rather, item replace is amongst the main throwing principle for all groups regarding community. This allows item fetishism so you can enter all of the societal associations (elizabeth.g., laws, management, journalism) as well as the academic professions, and thinking. “Reification” means “the architectural process in which the latest item mode penetrates lifetime during the capitalist people.” Lukacs was particularly worried about how reification can make humans “seem like simple some thing obeying brand new inexorable laws and regulations of your marketplace” (Zuidervaart 1991, 76).