Two days later on, in front of the this new clips, I discovered Michelle’s Coronary arrest throughout the moments prior to the woman haircut

Two days later on, in front of the this new clips, I discovered Michelle’s Coronary arrest throughout the moments prior to the woman haircut

Hopefully Michelle will be into the new business in the future so you can render alot more haircuts!

BUSY BUSY BUSY- I’m running around the studio firing up cameras before Michelle’s haircut. I leave the room for a minute to get a battery, and unbeknownst to me, Michelle says to her boyfriend “I’M LITERALLY HAVING A HEART ATTACK,” and declares “I CAN’T GO BALD.”

We came back in the facility, being unsure of regarding the Michelle’s stroke, requested in the event that she try scared- she said “Yeah, a little,” and i proceeded in order to shave their head using my individual brand away from Questionable Love! Important!!

Michelle are a 25 year-old hairstylist who’s about to have the Biggest HAIRCUT- a softer N’ Horny Hairless Lead!! Michelle is over a tiny worried, however, sees through the haircut, and come up with a great amount of “SCRUNCHY” confronts in the process.
Michelle’s boyfriend Eric becomes the first customer of the newly bald Michelle. With equal parts of RUTHLESS and ENTHUSIASM Michelle gave Eric the same haircut he had watched her receive moments before- The couple that shaves together stays together!!

Michelle features bare a number of boys’ thoughts, especially in the summer. “5 minutes to getting chill,” she says. She has never bare a beneficial girls’ head, however, i are convinced that may differ in the months to come.

Each other Michelle and you may Eric like their new haircuts, and therefore are pleased they made it happen!! We think numerous Michelle’s people will be Bald and beautiful as a result of the brand new Hairless BARBERETTE!!
FOLLOWUP 2 DAYS LATER- Michelle confirms that her new haircut is “growing on her” and she’s enjoying all the attention when she walks down the street showing off her BALD BEAUTY!!

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Hopefully Michelle would-be back in the fresh studio soon to help you offer even more haircuts!

LEFT- Now Appearing- Digital video disc 451- Lara and you may Dee’s Epic Haircuts today appearing towards the sandwich site. Signup all of us for the excitement because the Lara has got the Biggest HAIRCUT.
Lara is just about to block 33 ins from unbelievable Pantene locks!! Holy shnykees!!
Dee came along for MORAL SUPPORT and ended up joining Lara with a SMOOTH SHAVED HEAD!! OMG!!

Lara had prepared herself on haircut, and you can preferred the lady sales- smiling the entire day. Dee, exactly who decided to slashed the lady tresses on encourage of second, was not prepared for the ideas of one’s haircut, and you may cried at all times. ! Was which our very own top hour?

It’s all coming off. NOW SHOWING on the sub.

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Develop Michelle is back into the business in the near future in order to give far more haircuts!

Meet our latest models, Lara and Dee, ages 19 and 25. Lara is a Northern Belle from Packers Country. She has an amazing body- tall and curvy, and THREE FEET OF HAIR!! Lara has decided to go “ALL THE WAY” to a shaved head from butt length, an “EPIC HAIRCUT” in the history of the Hair Enthusiasts.

Lara’s best friend Dee arrived for ethical help. Nothing did we know that Dee create treat you together with her choice to become listed on Lara having a bald direct!!

Sugar Pie joins the enjoyment, braiding the latest girls’ tresses along with her just like the merely Glucose Cake can also be.