Jo Koy: Comin’ during the Gorgeous (2019) – Complete Transcript

Jo Koy: Comin’ during the Gorgeous (2019) – Complete Transcript

Everyone loves this, it’s exploit, sister

[“Uproar” plays] d Four, five, three, two, We assist one go d d Bend, have the bang no matter if I don’t bluff, bro d d Aimin’ at your lead such as for instance a great buffalo d d You good roughneck, I’m a good cutthroat d d You happen to be a hard kid That is enough jokes d d Then sunshine perish The night is actually more youthful even if d d The new diamonds nonetheless stick out d

That’s what I am talking about. Yes! Must take it so you can Their state, infant. [cheering] Aloha is actually actual. When you are for the a bad feeling, only [whoosh], take all of them with specific Aloha. [laughter] All of you are like Proper care Holds, it really is released of chests. [laughter] “Somebody with a bad big date?” [whoosh] [laughter] Oh, shit.

People in The state brag on the crap one to not one person otherwise brags about. [laughter] That is genuine! ‘Result in cher… your treasure things that you have. It is your very own. [cheering] I got a person walk-up for me, he had been for example, “Hey, sister, the truth is my personal… the truth is my the fresh new 2003 Toyota Tacoma? [laughter] Cherry, bro. Screwing cherry! [l! The, 2003. [laughter] Toyota Tacoma.” [laughter]

That’s the hottest moving actually

You never worry, you will be easy-going. You reside heaven. You don’t have date… You aren’t uptight. You go out, “Good, we time.” Top sweet. “Okay, top sweet.” [laughter] Sweet gown, “Where’s my personal slipper? [laughter] Where’s my personal slipper?” You guys commonly wear a good slipper. “Slipper!” Constantly, “Slipper.” [laughter] “Slipper.” Fucking the new clothes, “Slipper.” [laughter] Not one person outside of The state understands exactly what “slipper”… I shall reveal exactly what “slipper” are. It’s banging, look… – Browse, “Slipper.” – [laughter] “Slipper, slipper, slipper. [cheering] Slipper, slipper, slipper, slipper.” I don’t know the reasons why you wear it. They have been hardly on your banging ft. [laughter] [laughter] That is how you people stroll. [laughter] “Slipper” in front of your foot. You’re not actually… It is far from actually on your foot. You simply, kick the new slipper, step. Stop, step, kick slipper, action, stop slipper, action, kick… [laughter]

You like the new vowels. You guys love vowels. [laughter] You don’t care and attention. A good, the new letter A. [ce? [laughter] Just how many A’s? Which is way too many A’s. [laughter] That is why if individuals concerns Their state, I am talking-to the world at this time, for folks who come to Hawaii, try not to require information. [le. – [laughter] Require information, they shall be like, “Oh, that’s easy, brother. So it Finn kvinner fra Hungaria how you get truth be told there. You only decrease Kaleakalakaka. [laughter] Build a right stimulate Laukaladakalakau. Leftover activate Naukauaakala. Right after which a right trigger Ahaahahaha’aaa. [cheering]

Like all about The state. Are unable to score an adequate amount of they. I really don’t even tune in to the songs and that i love it. Whenever I am right here, I can not end hearing it. Do not know any of the terminology. Really don’t care. [laughter] I push and i sing… [imitates Hawaiian sounds] [laughter] [continues on singing] [cheering] [continues vocal] You might be clapping. I recently made you to definitely tune right up. [laughter] You guys don’t have any idea just what bang I’m saying. [laughter] All of the I did so is the vowels… [singing] [laughter] [cheering]

One hula is it shit! Hula are that which you. All of that crap these are typically doing now, all of the naughty dances they might be starting, – they took it regarding hula. – [laughter] Hula… you to shit is slutty. She talks to the guy thanks to dancing. – [laughter] – That’s naughty. She tells your just what she desires as a consequence of moving. “You started discover myself… [laughter] in the event that sunlight decrease. [laughter] You’re taking me to dinner. [laughter] Easily as if you… [laughter] We give you genitals.” [laughter] [applause]